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A new blog for 2019!

My name is Sarah Sherlock, I am a Musician, Composer & Sound Designer from Dublin, Ireland.

My background as a musician is as a guitarist. From an early age I picked up the guitar and found I had an ear for music. I played in many bands growing up, in pop-rock and punk bands. I also self thought myself to play bass, keys and some casual drumming! As the years went by I decided to take my guitar playing more seriously and have since been undergoing grade examinations in electric guitar techniques & performance awarded by London College of Music. My current award is Grade 5.

Throughout my whole life I have always been interested in music, film & video games, and as I started to experiment with producing and recording my own music I found my passion in composing music for visual media.

I studied for 3 years at Pulse College, located in the infamous Windmill Lane Recording Studio in Dublin. I started on the Music production for Games programme where I studied sound design, music and image, composing, music technology and interactive storytelling. In the sound design module I done some game audio implementation using audio middleware Unity and Fmod. This was a one year higher certificate course to which I passed with Distinction.

Upon finishing this course I still had the desire to continue learning and was transferred into year two of their Music Production degree programme. Alongside studio and live recording, this programme developed skills in critical listening and audio analysis, investigations of form and aural training, and music theory.
As of 2017 I have graduated with a 2nd class honours Music Production Degree. My final year dissertation project was an exploration of horror film composers, which I scored Frankenstein from 1931 and I was lucky to go on to present this project at Horror Expo Ireland in October 2017.

During my studies as my confidence started to grow, I started doing some freelance work to build up my portfolio. Some of the projects I have been lucky to be involved with include scoring a short horror film and web series, composing music for a podcast, creating sound design and assisting VO recording sessions for a mobile vr game.

I love anything creative, and bringing a project to life with music & sound is why I love what I do! My goals going forward is to fine tune my “unique sound” as a composer, and to learn the audio implementation skills that are required in the game audio industry.

All The Best! 🙂



Published by Sarah Sherlock

I'm a sound designer focused on game audio and musician from Dublin,Ireland

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