Interactive Sound Design

Interactive Showreel with Wwise and Unreal Engine. I was inspired by horror and abandoned buildings. In the hospital everything is broken – pipes, lights, tiles, and electrical equipment. The original video was a little rough around the edges, 7 minutes long and unedited. Major thanks to those who offered industry feedback on the project. Since then, I’ve attenuated the distance between ambient sounds for smoother transitions and further randomization between the radios playing Carol of the Bells and static, weird frequency interferences. Sounds and Music were implemented into the locations, giving each room it’s own character, to create uneasy atmosphere as the player throughout the hospital. Gameplay tasks were scripted using blueprints in UE4 and the sounds were implemented using wwise. The 2020 version is a refresh of the audio occlusions for the rooms in Ue4.

As the player explores the halls, this interactive first person level showcases a range of room ambiences, one shots, and pickups. The player is tasked with collecting the christmas gifts scattered around the hospital, while audio guides the player to each pickup – listen to the sound of each room. For this piece having been my first time with using Wwise integrated with UE4 for sound design, it began to inform my future work – using wwise for my major final project to develop my own horror game.

I plan to work on a playable build in the future, or to incorporate the AI from my current game into the level, we’ll see how that goes! In the mean time, please check out my overview of my wwise session for this project below