Game Credits

Luna Abyss – Sound Designer

Bonsai Collective.

It’s my role on the upcoming FPS ‘Luna Abyss’ to design and implement combat audio – Weapons, Creatures and Boss SFX.

The Sims 4 – VO Editor

Subcontracted by Formosa Interactive for EA.

I edited and designed VO for the Sims, working on the packs for Werewolves, High School and further unanounced packs. My role was to choose, edit and design the takes of simlish for the different actors in the game, syncing these to the emotions, animations and interations of each sim. Out now on PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox.

Neuronet: Mendax Proxy – Sound Designer

Developed by Dream Harvest (I was subcontracted by PitStop Productions for additional sound design creation) My role was to create audio assets for the in game narrative cards on 11 of the game locations. This included bringing the characters and environment to life with sound which reflected the actions, locations, characters and aesthetic of the cyberpunk art style. Nominated for Best Narrative & Best Mobile Game IndieGame Awards 2022,Coming in 2022 to PC, mobile and nintendo switch.

Submechanoid – Sound Designer + Composer

Submechanoid is a biopunk survival horror metroidvania. The game has a strong narrative focus with a story drip fed to the player between sections of tense first person exploration and combat in a retro horror ps1 style aesthetic. currently under development!

Sheep Tag 2 – Sound Designer

Developed by Luna Wolf Studio. The classic cat and mouse game! Sheep Tag 2 is a team based asymmetric RTS/MOBA hybrid unlike any other game. PC game to be released 2022.

Sneaky Bears VR – Sound Designer & VO Recordist –

Developed by WarDucks LTD. Released in 2017 for mobile VR and upscaled for next gen in 2018. Sneaky Bears is a fast-paced shoot ’em up VR game with a hilarious evil teddy bear mastermind building an army of bear minions. Get it now on PSVR, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift.